Welcome to SPJST Lodge 88!

SPJST is fraternalism for all ages! SPJST Lodge 88 is located in Houston, Texas and sponsors a wide range of family-oriented activities and community service projects. Family activities may include musical and dance groups, dances, picnics, games, contests, tournaments, summer camps, and youth activities. Lodge members also participate in community service projects and food drives, contribute lodge funds, and assist hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire departments.

About Us
If you are new to Lodge 88, please take a moment to visit our "About Us" page to learn about what SPJST Lodge 88 is all about. You will find a brief overview of our history, the leadership of our Lodge, membership information and contact information.

You can find more information on our Dances and Bingo, as well as other events, under the "Events" page.

Our facilities have meeting rooms and banquet facilities available for parties, showers, weddings and business events. The Chandelier Ballroom and the Gazebo are also available. We can facilitate from 20 to 1200 people. Please see our "Rentals" page for more information.

Job Postings/Career Opportunities
Visit our "Job Postings" page to find out if we currently have any positions available. CLICK HERE

If you would like more information about our Lodge that is not located on this website, please contact us at 713-869-5767.

We hope you enjoy your visit to SPJST Lodge 88!

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